About Us

In 2005, the law firms of Harris, Shelton, Dunlap, Cobb & Ryder and Hanover Walsh Jalenak & Blair joined to form Harris Shelton Hanover Walsh, PLLC resulting in one of the largest law firms in the Mid-South region and representing a combined 100 years of legal counsel to businesses and individuals. The firm continues to work on many high-profile matters for a diverse group of clients, easily explaining why the two firms together form a well-established, successful local and regional law practice. 

The firm maintains two offices in Memphis, as well as offices in Nashville and in Oxford, Mississippi. Harris Shelton is also active regionally, nationally and internationally, handling a wide variety of matters for clients. While maintaining extensive litigation resources, the firm also handles a wide variety of matters outside the courtroom in the areas of health care, business counseling, banking and commercial lending, bankruptcy, real estate transactions, tax law, estate planning, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions and governmental law.

Harris Shelton recognizes that clients want to hire both a law firm and a lawyer – a law firm that has the people and resources to provide high quality, efficient and effective legal services, and a lawyer who is a participant and counselor in their business, personal and financial affairs. The firm emphasizes the individual relationship between lawyer and client over a corporate culture and strives to achieve the best solution for each and every client who seeks advice regarding either a problem or an opportunity.