Condemnation, Zoning and Land Use



We represent both property owners and governmental entities in the acquisition of private property for public use and have represented owners of homes, apartment complexes, office buildings, grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations, fast food restaurants, wholesale nurseries, parking lots, retail stores, industrial property, vacant land waiting for development, municipalities, and utility companies. We also counsel clients through every stage of the condemnation process, including preliminary planning and negotiations, representation in condemnation proceedings, and determination of just compensation in litigation and appeals. Our lawyers have extensive experience collaborating with appraisers, land planners, engineers, brokers, environmental experts, and other professionals to carefully assess the highest and best use of property, fair market value of property taken, highest and best use of any remaining

Zoning and Land Use

Our land use planning and zoning representation involves negotiations, preparation and presentation of requests for approval of specific plan, rezoning, site plans, subdivision regulations, special use permits, variances, and zoning interpretations. This practice also includes government affairs and legislative services, annexation of property, building permit and building code matters, related litigation, and property tax assessments and appeals.