Health Care Licensure, Privileging and Credentialing

Our lawyers regularly represent hospitals, physicians, and their practices in medical staff fair hearings; state licensing investigations and hearings; appeals of termination of contracts with health insurance carriers and other payors, and peer review matters in Tennessee, Misssissippi and Arkansas.They understand the stress these disputes place upon a health care providers and work dillgently to resolve these matters in a manner that is the most favorable to the client.

We also advise our clients conerning drafting medical staff bylaws, as well as medical staff rules and regulations and policies to comply with Joint Commission standards, as well as a state and federal laws. Our experience in this area provides us with a unique perspective and allows us to better advise our clients on both sides of a dispute.


  • Adverse State Licensure Actions
  • Medical Staff Privileging
  • Termination of Participation in Payor Networks
  • Drafting of Medical Staff Bylaws, Rules & Regulations and Policies
  • Core Credentialing
  • Peer Review